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TDC is the solution!
TDC is the ERC20 token bulid on Ethereum Blockchain.TDC is very secure and decentralized platform for online payment and flat Cryptocurrency trading. TDC platform is fully secured and decentralized platform for online payment and fiat Cryptocurrency trading.

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Online Payment

For online payment system the TDC is the ideal solution. It is fast and easy. As a holder of TDC token you can make online payment, buy plane tickets, book your hotel, buy insurance, make your holiday plan, book taxis, and much more. TDC platforms also provides that many of the above services available for TDC holder at discounted fees.

Cryptocurrency Trading

TDC Platform also provide a Cryptocurrency trading platform where you can directly buy other Cryptocurrency in your own country's currency. TDC is superior to the present platforms that are providing these services. Others are taking too many fees, and also taking a very long time to verify the KYC process.Other platforms are complicated and difficult to understand.

Real Estate Transaction

TDC has a quick verifying system and it's enhancing Real Estate Transactions in the Emerging Markets Using Blockchain Technology. TDC provide solutions which will help you achieve more convenient, secure, quick, transparent, and affordable property transactions with the of blockchain technology.

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Rangnath Mani Tripathi


Independent trader, early bitcoin investor. He has vast experience in marketing along with comprehensive entrepreneurial background. He also has a strong trend forecasting ability in developing business ideas and solutions. He is leading this spectacular project financially and ideologically.

Abhijeet Tripathi

Assisting the project in allegiance with all various legal requirements. He knows alternative methods to spread awareness and covey information via social media platform.

Prashant Mishra

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